Nubber Duckie Has a Blog

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Nubber Duckie Has a Blog

Postby Cait Hagar » Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:25 pm

Nubber Duckie is my pet Rubber Duck. I have had him for a long time and decided to get him his own blog so that he wouldn't feel left out. Some people may thing I'm a whack job, but it's way funner than you may think. I have wanted to star him a blog for a really long time and finally got around to doing it.

And so now I give you the Nubber Duckie Website.

He will be posting allot of pictures and all about his stories of his *EXCITING* life as a duckie in Vegas.

I also think his blog would be cool for little kids to go read. Lolz.

Go check it out. :P

Cait Hagar
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Cait Hagar
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Nubber Duckie Has a Blog



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