Should You Use Google Plus Comments on Wordpress

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Should You Use Google Plus Comments on Wordpress

Postby Sheryl Loch » Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:39 am

The week of April 22, 2013 Google announced that people using the Blogger Platform could add Google Plus as their comments system.

Many brave people jumped right in to try it. Of course that lead to many Wordpress people wondering when they would get a chance to add G+ Comments to their blog.

Oh my! I am all for trying new things, but I am not sure about the G+ commenting system. I had a few doubts and several questions as how it would play out with controlling spam, indexing, controlling comments…

Seems as though I wasn't the only person looking into these things. Check out – Why you should not use the Google+ Comments system on WordPress yet

You may want to hold up an adding Google Plus Comments to your blog until a few more things are fixed or answered.

From what I understand, any content left as a G+ comment will not be seen as content on your domain as the G+ comments are hosted on G+.

Unless you allow both regular Wordpress comments and G+ Comments, you may lose any one that isn't on G+ as a commenter. They are not joining G+ just to comment on your blog when they can find others.

And those are just a couple of my concerns.

So read the article linked above and think about it, before you make the switch.

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Should You Use Google Plus Comments on Wordpress



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