Why Belong to the Blog Co-Op

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Why Belong to the Blog Co-Op

Postby Brad West » Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:09 pm

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hell you should try explaining it with out giving away the farm.

The Blog Co-Op at the Guild is the result of a years worth of development and testing to create a system that creates the greatest positive impact to your blog using RSS, back links and book marking, using as little of your time as possible.

If anyone knows the value of their time, just the blog co-op itself as a place to post your information away from spam and access quality blogs to comment on and back link to is well worth $9.95 a month with out the extras or even better Free with your purchase of Traffic Android for you serious people, time seems to be the one of the most valuable assets right now. Also don't forget to submit your banner to include it in the rotator on the site.

The topic specific posting of snippets or mini posts and perma links in a central area allows you to search and find related topics or topics of interest when looking for quality blog posts to comment to, a huge time saver. Indexing bots love all this quality in one place also.

Another issue that we have solved or at least addressed with the blog co-op is the issue of interior page rank. I have been to allot of blogs with great page rank on the front page but no rank on all the interior pages. There could be a couple reasons for this but the one we are addressing is by posting a perma link or direct link to your post there is a permanent link directly to your post, and if not right then your post will eventually end up on an inner page. Most people when leaving a link to their site use the direst link to the front page. You took the time to write your post why overlook actually hooking up and back linking your post so it can still be found and indexed after it rolls off your front page.

RSS feeds are wonderful if there are readers on the other end. We have developed a pretty extensive network to accomplish getting in front of people.

Book marking we do randomly to about 20+ sites right now.

The forum board itself leaves your profile and contact information next to every post you make so if you are available on skype you can be contacted immediately right then and there. A forum board is also one of the best means of finding information your post is a permanent record for others to find even if you need to do a little search. The use of every media available the best way to promote your site

By talking to people I get the general senses that allot people get a little bit about search engine promotion and RSS feeds. I have met so called SEO experts that have no clue how to drill down a keyword and why you would do it, It just amazes me, never mind talking RSS feeds.

When talking to a few people that want to know what we do online I get the deer in the headlights look that scares me a little. We never had a product to promote when we entered the realm of site promotion. So we took the individual entities we studied and tested and combined them. This was the development of the blog co-op. everything we are doing is totally white hat, this has its own challenges but is not the double edge sward black hat is. Make yourself at home here and enjoy the exposure.

Brad West ~ onomoney

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Why Belong to the Blog Co-Op



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