Add Reply Button to Facebook Comments Video

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Add Reply Button to Facebook Comments Video

Postby Sheryl Loch » Thu Apr 04, 2013 11:26 pm

Most people with a Facebook Fan page know how important it is to have a conversation that is easily followed in the comment section of your post. Up until now, comments on post were just in a line and most times no one was sure who others were actually replying to.

We saw the change coming on February 25, 2013 when I posted Nested Comments on Facebook after Brad saw the reply button on a Facebook Page he follows.

Then a few weeks later it was reported that only pages with 10,000 or more followers would have the option of replies for comments on Facebook.

No more was that out of the gate and BAM…all Facebook Pages could add the Replies Button.

If you do not have the button on your business or fan pages, then we have a 1 minute easy to follow tutorial video.

How to Add Comment Reply Button to Facebook Pages

Watch on

See how easy that was?

Now the conversations on your Facebook pages will be so much easier to follow!
Sheryl Loch
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Sheryl Loch
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Add Reply Button to Facebook Comments Video



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