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From across the pond...

Postby GordonSheppard » Sat Apr 18, 2009 2:46 pm

Hi! My name is Gordon Sheppard

I hail from a little town just outside Edinburgh in Scotland, United Kingdom.

I'm married (20 years + ) with two teenage sons and have had a steady off-line career in technology based customer service and support.

I've been on line browsing around the internet since the late 90's, but only in the last 3 years or so become more interested in the "medium" of the world wide web. As since then have been experimenting with and trying to build ways of generating income streams from the web. This experiment continues on a daily basis, but I do actually get a bigger thrill from testing and tweaking the technology that runs some of my sites and services. And coming from a customer support background, seem to find myself gravitating toward helping others with the technical issues many seem to have when they decide that they too want to run a web based service or two.

I have several sites, some with matching blogs that are designed to generate inbound traffic to the domain (as I said the experimenting continues!), only one or two key sites that actually do generate income to some degree - each offering services for the internet marketer. Over time, maybe you'll be find these through this forum and make use of them ;)

I "bumped into" Brad during a recent email marketing campaign I was running which did enough to provoke an email back at me from Brad. We struck up a conversation (lesson 1 : real people like to deal with real people, not just be on a "list") and, well here I am.

Looking forward to sharing ideas and tips here with fellow members and well as checking out some of your sites and services.

Best wishes,

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From across the pond...



Re: From across the pond...

Postby Brad West » Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:32 pm

Hey Gordon,

I think this relationship will be exciting, We defiantly started out with a bang.

I got to tell this story, it is so funny it needs to be recorded.

I'm on Gordon's list and received a message that did catch my attention

"Sorry You Paid So Much For That Garbage You're Promoting"

I saw possibly a bit of frustration in the title, So I decided to just go off with a message in return
The message I sent was barely readable, Kind of like I was so pissed I was spitting and screaming.
Low and behold I got an apology letter in return from Gordon explaining he didn't mean to offend me
or anything I did. He was just attempting to draw attention so people would open the message.

I laughed and explained to him that I wasn't offended I was playing him back. Normally I wouldn't have done what I had but I have been working on a report may turn into a book who knows. The subject of my research is the gurus, I have one hell of a list of lists that I am on I have direct messaged most of the list well over 12 times each. These are good e-mails not sending back to their auto responders. These guys stick together worse than our government officials and big business. I cant get started here, but not a one of them care a bit about anything but the bottom line.

Anyway that is how Gordon and I met, kind of like a car crash.

Welcome to the Guild Gordon,
Please Make yourself at home!
Brad West ~ onomoney
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