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West Local Advanced Business Promotion

PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:32 pm
by Brad West
There seems to be something unexplainable here in the last 6 months or so. This phonon is business people continuing to do the same thing for business promotion that get them the same lame results. I had to make this statement because I have run across people that have the need for more business even to the point of loosing their business but refuse to change what they are doing to accomplish this.

Google for one has spent millions of dollars to provide people with a way to dance in front of those that are interested in what you have or what you do when people search for what you have. Of course there is a bit more to landing in the top of the searches that pertain to your business. Business pages claimed are still in the single digits. This means there is allot of room to be on or near the top of the searches on your niche.

Now is the time to start or optimize an internet campaign for your business.
Many people won't do this though, many will wait and decide to do this when the competition is much more fierce and expensive. You see this is how it works, if you start a good organized campaign now and build your intranet strength for the next year you will be pretty safe to hold your spot and will continue to be in front of the people you need to be because of playing it smart and acting now.

I'm defiantly into begging people to do the right thing.
I am into waiting a year when I can make more money though!
Have an awesome day.