Colorzilla Easy Color Analyzer

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Colorzilla Easy Color Analyzer

Postby Sheryl Loch » Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:00 pm

ColorZilla for Firefox

I had wrote a post on my blog with instructions on How to make a Border Around Images for Your Blog Post. It is really easy to do but, what seems to take the most time is finding the exact color you want for your border.

You would need to open up a color palatte & then try to find the color code to match the picture. What a pain it is to ‘guess’ the color match. I am so bad at matching I figured Green goes with green, so what if they didn’t really match. All greens are the same, right? That’s why I am never ask to go shopping if color is involved – can we say CLASH?

Oh, back to the topic at hand.
Brad came across a Firefox add on that will solve my color matching challenges. It will help me get the exact color & give me the color code all with just a couple of mouse clicks!

This super duper color picker is called ColorZilla.
Once you have Downloaded, installed, & restarted Firefox…
You will see in the Bottom Left corner a small “eye dropper” icon.

To ‘Pick’ a color open any page in your browser,
When you see a color on a page that you would like to have the code for, simply go down & click on the “Eye Dropper”,
Your curser will now be crosshairs.
Move your curser to the spot on the page that you want the color & click 1 time. Once you click you will have the color ‘saved’ in the box at the bottom.
To pull up the color palete for that color, double click on the ‘eye dropper’.
Now you will get a Pop Up box where you can get the HEX number of the color or even adjust it if you would like.

If you want all the colors from a web page –
RIGHT Click on the Eye Dropper & Choose WEBPAGE DOM COLOR ANALIZER.
This takes just a second & you will see the bottom section of the webpage will give you a color palette Analysis.

You can put your curser over any of the color squares & Colorzilla will show you where on the page that color is.

You can also click on a color square & have the code for that color instantly.
If this is your page that you refer to these colors allot, you can choose to SAVE as COLORZILLA PALETTE. That will make it much handier for future reference.

That is just a little about using the Colorzilla. I am sure the more you use it the handier it will become.

For other options –
Right Click the Eye Dropper & choose OPTIONS.

Here you can set the size you would like the Pop Up color palette to be, If you want Auto Copy, Status bar format, & the basics of what you want to show while using the Colorzilla color picker.

So this is a fast & easy way to find exact color codes from any web page.

Match colors to a picture online.

Coordinate your different sites with the same colors.

As for using it with my border code, I get my HEX numbers before I am ready to post my article & picture. Since the pictures I include in my articles are already online, I just open the photo 1st, find my colors & codes using Colorzilla & BAM….Great looking boarder images!

Yes, all you graphics people will have many more uses for this add on that I do.
Go ahead & try it out!
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Colorzilla Easy Color Analyzer



Re: Colorzilla Easy Color Analyzer

Postby Cait Hagar » Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:06 pm

I love this Color Picker Add-on. It has to be the coolest thing since... since what? I dunno. But, I think I use it almost everyday and for everything. I totally recommend it for everyone. Even if you think you may not need it, you probably will at some point.
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