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Postby Sheryl Loch » Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:25 am

I wanted to show you a Brand New (Not even out of the box yet) twitter tool.

Some of you may have already heard of a site called Tweetboard.

Well, while the guys were at the 140ware Chirp conference they made a "new" Tweetboard. I only know a little about it because of the video below. The head guy is a little hard to understand at times but, just follow him along.

This new site will be more like a forum conversation, than just random WTH are the talking about replies.

The replies to your tweet will be shown in 1 "thread".

You can Expand All or Collapse All to see the Threads.

You can long in with your Twitter Account.

You can tweet right from the site.

When posting from the Tweetboard site - you can write OVER 140 characters BUT, the link attached to the tweet is not working as I write this. REMEMBER this new tweetboard is only days old (it has bugs).

Under anyone's tweet you can click the Blue Arrow to send a reply to that person & have it in the original thread.

You may see "In reply to #" That means it is a tweet reply to the corresponding post number.

To find your profile, or anyone elses - it will be

So you can see Cait's Tweetboard at <- she has some threaded replies. If you only see her tweets then click the Expand All in the right corner.

If you see a post from someone & would like to see their Tweetboard profile - click on their PICTURE - clicking their name will take you to their Twitter profile.

There is suppose to be Perma Links to each thread but, I could not get any - yes, it is in Beta!

Each profile has an embed link so you can place it right on your site. If I understand it right - then people can tweet or add to your threads right from there.

Ok, that is all I got as Highlights at this time.

Check it out - tell us what you think!

Interview by Robert Scoble


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TweetBoard Twitter Forum



Re: TweetBoard Twitter Forum

Postby Sire » Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:23 pm

I think the thread idea is great because I get absolutely lost when trying to follow tweets. My iPod Touch has this feature and it's brilliant.
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