2008 Thirty Day Challenge

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2008 Thirty Day Challenge

Postby SteveH2008 » Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:28 am

As I write this, the 2009 thirty day challenge is still over a month away...Last year, I worked on this blog to organize and archive the videos and training materials from the 2008 thirty day challenge.

There are still people in the 30DC forums looking for these materials - and frankly, there's a lot of good info in there that won't become completely invalid once the 2009 TDC starts. Some points will need to be updated, but there's a lot of info and training about starting an affiliate business online. There's even PDF transcripts for the video training.

The link is in my signature...
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2008 Thirty Day Challenge



Re: 2008 Thirty Day Challenge

Postby CoronadoCookie » Sat Jun 27, 2009 5:45 pm

Hi Steve,

I agree that much of the 2008 TDC material still relevant. GuruBob says that this year’s 30DC this year is pretty similar to last year’s. The main changes are using Firefox instead of Flock, using Traffic Bug and some fancier modules coming out for Market Samurai. And of course lots of guest teachers.

I think Ed also said that they were going to set up a separate site for last year's TDC training...but I'm not positive about that.

Your site is great! What a lot of work ~ thanks SO much for sharing all of that information.

Good luck with this year's TDC!
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