Two New Blogs, Gifts and Lotto blogs

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Two New Blogs, Gifts and Lotto blogs

Postby Sire » Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:05 pm

Hey guys, I've been away for awhile but you have not been forgotten. I hope all is well. I must take time to look through the forum some to see what I have missed.

Anyway, since I have been gone I have started at least two new blogs that I am aware of. :)

The first is The Gifts Guru. This is where I give folks tips on what gifts to buy for whatever occasions comes to hand. I use a plugin that pulls reviews straight out of Amazon so that people can get a gist of what the product is like. I'm hoping this to go pretty well as time goes by.

The next is my new lottery site, Get Online Lottery. You may be wondering why a new site when I already have a lottery site. Well, quite simple really. When I originally started that site I secured two other lottery related domains. I thought it a waste to just leave them them there so I resuscitated one to see if I can duplicate or improve on my other sites results. I plan on using different keywords and stuff in order to target even more people looking for getting their lottery tickets online.

Problem with having so many blogs is making time to post in them. Oh well, at least I'm doing something, right?
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Two New Blogs, Gifts and Lotto blogs



Re: Two New Blogs, Gifts and Lotto blogs

Postby Brad West » Thu Sep 12, 2013 5:26 pm

Wow I found it!
I saw you were on the site a while back but never found your post or if you did post.
Anyway about you're new lotto site. If I buy a powerball ticket how do I get the ticked and how do I cash it in.

Haven't been to the gift site yet going there now.
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