Recycle Your Jeans at the Gap 2010

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Recycle Your Jeans at the Gap 2010

Postby Wendy » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:51 pm

Do you have a bunch of old blue jeans just laying around and they are not good enough to take to Goodwill to be resold?

Well, here's an idea of how you can get them out of your house without just dumping them in a land fill. Recycle them! Yes, you can take all your old blue jeans down to a GAP store and turn them in. The store will then send them off to be recycled into natural insulation for homes. The insulation from the Gap drive will be donated to communities in need. They will also give you a discount on a new pair of Gap 1969 jeans.

You have from October 6 - Oct 20, 2010 to get all those junky jeans down to the Gap. Oh, you know those "mom jeans" that your kids make fun of you wearing? You can also take those down. Trust me, no one else wants to be seen in them so, just donate them. Those jeans you have saved for 10 years that you know one day you will be thin enough to wear again, take them down and donate them.

It doesn't matter if the jeans you are taking down are from the Gap. They take any brand bought from any store.

Here is the video about this
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Recycle Your Jeans at the Gap 2010



Re: Recycle Your Jeans at the Gap 2010

Postby Brad West » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:27 pm

Still got some more time to do this at the Gap I was just wondering if the insulation has to be all cotton and if so do they use fabric other than jeans?

Maybe I will Google that.
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