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Gulf Coast Oil Spill

PostPosted: Wed May 05, 2010 2:14 am
by Sheryl Loch
The huge Gulf Oil Spill has been a very hot topic all over the world.
It has sparked the opinions of people who love animals, want greener energy, and those that are just sick of big companies and government doing stupid stuff.

So if you want to see a little of what is going on in the gulf, I have a few articles to get you started. I am sure you have already found many on your own s let us see them :-)

If you are looking for ways to volunteer your time, donate funds, write a form letter to the President, or 1 place is even asking for hair and fur donations you can get a huge list of ways to help in the cleanup at Gulf Coast Oil Spill Clean Up

Boston has put out some amazing pictures of the oil spill on a post titled Oil spill approaches Louisiana coast These pictures were posted on April 30, 2010 so I am sure things have grown and gotten worse since then.

If you have found any articles that are showing the oil spill you can place them here.
I think this is going to get much worse as damage reports start coming in. Right now we all know it is going to hurt the environment for years to come (no matter what they do). It is also going to hurt the people who make their living off of the Gulf waters.

Oh and I am sure we are all gonna pay out the big end to cover the cost of all of this clean up. Sure BP is going to pay for charging US huge money for everything that uses oil to be produced.

Re: Gulf Coast Oil Spill

PostPosted: Thu May 20, 2010 11:37 pm
by Sheryl Loch
Geesh, I can't believe that this oil spill is still gushing with no end in site.

BP was finally pushed into showing their Live Cam Feed of the Gulf Oil Spill. This live feed is coming from 5000 feet below the waters surface.

BP also finally admitted that there is more oil being "spilled" than what they were saying. No kidding? Scientist had already proved that just from the info they could gather without BP's help.

I think this entire thing has become one lie to fill in the blanks of others.

People that live along the effected coast are loosing homes, business, and the only occupation they have ever known due to this "mistake ridden oil well". You can see BP Oil Spill is Worst Time for Fishermen. Sure there is never a good time for a problem like this but, fishermen don't have any income to even pull out. You also have the animals that are spawning and nesting that will take a very heavy hit.

I just get mad every time I think bout this.
They say the oil could swing around the Florida Keys and then start up the East Coast.
I have to wonder if the Oil starts ruining the beaches and tourist in places like Cape Cod...will all the big boys in Government get their heads out and really start doing something?

If they saying goes.."The squeaky wheel gets the oil"...well those guys in Washington sure do a lot of squeaking and always want their palms greased. :twisted:

Re: Gulf Coast Oil Spill

PostPosted: Fri Jun 04, 2010 8:45 am
by Sheryl Loch
Looks like BP is not getting this gusher stopped any time soon. In fact they have turned down things like the Hair Booms because of buoyancy issues.
I'm not even sure what ever happened to the oil water separator spinner thing that Kevin Costner designed. I'm sure BP didn't like it either.

It does look like Florida is taking a few things into their own hands - Florida Will Deploy Hay to Absorb Oil in Gulf.

They showed the Pensacola, Florida beach yesterday on tv. It was empty. No people laying around enjoying the sun & sand. It really depressed me. I LOVE Pensacola. I have always said that I want to make sure Brad & Cait get there to see, I worry it won't be the same after the oil hits it.

BP Story Told by Kittens

PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:13 pm
by Sheryl Loch
There has been nothing funny about the Gulf Oil Spill ....until now.
Sure you can hate me for saying it but, just watch this video & you may just get a giggle at the expense of the BP execs.

The video is just a little over a minute long and it fully enplanes about what has been going on in the PB offices.
Oh by the way...the "story" is told by kittens.
And yes the kitties have a little bit of a foul mouth in spots so beware.


See kittens playing the part of BP execs is funny.

Re: Gulf Coast Oil Spill

PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2010 12:07 am
by Wendy
I know that BP and the Govern met has tried to act like all of the oil has just disappeared. Poof like magic the oil was just gone. Does anyone really believe all their mumbo jumbo about the sun making the oil evaporate?
There is a video that talks to crabbers down in the Gulf. They are catching crabs that are covered in oil and stink. Oil Soaked Crabs Still Dying in Gulf Coast Catch. Guess the fishermen are just making up the story right? Or maybe that is what BP and the officials would want you to believe. Then they don't have to pay anyone money for lost business.