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Earth Hour 2010

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:18 pm
by Sheryl Loch
It's almost that time of year again....Earth Hour!
That's right on March 27, 2010 people around the world will turn off the lights in their home and business for 1 hour starting at 8:30 PM (in their time zone).

You can register as a supporter at
You can also see the map of the USA that will show how your state is doing...that means how many people or places have said YES to participating.
You can click on your state and when the Blue Box comes up...look at the very bottom. You will see the link to find out more of who is participating there. I clicked on the Business link and saw that some casinio's are already signed up to go lights out again. YEAH!

Last year I wrote a thread about how Las Vegas shut down Outside Strip lights. Even from up where we live it was amazing that the normally noticeable land marks just vanished. You can see the thread from last year about Las Vegas Earth Hour. The last post on that thread leads to some cool lights out pictures.

So, I will be watching to see if any of you are Tweeting during your "Lights Out" time. Yes, I will have my computer on right up until 8:30 and then it will be back on at exactly 9:30. LOL! :oops:

Ok, who's in?
It's just 1 hour of turning off lights, TV, can do it!
Maybe you should plan a nice evening walk for that will give you something to do and if you're out of the house then you are less tempted to turn stuff on.


Re: Earth Hour 2010

PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 3:39 pm
by Sheryl Loch
It is official, Las Vegas is going dark for Earth Hour 2010!

Our fabulous Mayor Oscar Goodman has made the announcement that Vegas is joining in this year to show our green side (and not just the color of money).

In 2009 when Vegas joined up and said they were shutting down the Strip lights people were amazed. In fact the World Wildlife Federation that organizes the event used Vegas as the "poster city". We are known for bright lights and for this city to go dark means that just about any city in the world can do it.

Just in case people are confused let me explain that the Strip casinio's will turn off the big outside lights. That flashing billboards, LED screens, and even the Luxor's mega light. The streetlights and inside lights all remain on. Turning off to many lights would be the making of a movie where the biggest heist in the world happened. The casios will make sure that everyone is safe just not as much sparkling outside for an hour!

You can see the News paper write up Las Vegas Strip casinos to go dark for Earth Hour or even if you don't want to read it....Oscar never makes a public announcement without a couple of gorgeous Show Girls by his side.


Las Vegas Earth Hour 2010

PostPosted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:29 am
by Sheryl Loch
I am sure all of you did great on your Earth Hour! But was it as cool as what you would see in Las Vegas? NO! Vegas is cooler at everything.

I found that the Las Vegas Sun news paper has a nice article & some very cool panoramic pictures & video of the Strip going dark for Earth Hour Las Vegas unplugs for Earth Hour

You can also see Caesars Palace goes dark in observance of Earth Hour and also more tweet photo's -
Paris has gone dark for Earth Hour

I did the best of our house...I slept right through it all. Well almost, I did wake up & hear Brad asking Cait "Did mom turn off her computer?". I don't remember Cait's exact words but, she basically said it would be better to kill the polar bears than to shut down my computer. :lol:

So did you turn off your lights?