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Overuse of Antibiotics on Farms Causing Superbugs

PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:53 am
by Sheryl Loch
I came across an article today that tells how the UK & USA are finding that the prolonged use of so many antibiotics in farm animals is causing a rise in drug resistant superbugs.

The full article is at Death wish: Routine use of vital antibiotics on farms threatens human health

I'm not sure how much time has been spent on the article above or the research but, most of us regular people could see this coming years ago.

I love that in the article it says how Scientist at a WHO briefing warned that the world could go back to a pre-antibiotic era where antibiotics won't stop infections. <--- DUH! Just watch kids who's parents take them to get antibiotics everytime they have the sniffles...pretty soon when the kid does need antibiotics...they don't work.

So what does the USA do? Only what smart people would They introduced a bill to encourage the development on NEW antibiotics to fight drug resistant infections.

Hmm, that's a much better idea than cutting out the over use of antibiotics in farm animals and humans. Maybe once they make the Super-Antibiotics, they will allow Pharma to force farmers to start giving them to animals and then we can make Super-SuperBugs!