Google Search Story Video's are Easy

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Google Search Story Video's are Easy

Postby Sheryl Loch » Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:36 pm

I am not a video person. I have not got the talent or the imagination to make some super cool video that would catch anyone's eye or be entertaining. So, I figured that I would never even worry about it. All that changed when Cait's "boss" sent her a short mini vid he had made - OMG, even I could make one like that (although his was funnier).

You may have seen the Super Bowl commercial that Google did where they typed in a phrase, it did a search, then another phrase....They told a simple story all by showing SERP's.
So many people loved it that the big G goddess set up a SIMPLE FREE program so everyone could make the Search Story Vids.

I made 2 of these vids in less than 10 minutes. I even have other ideas for how to use them when I get around to making some cute ones.

Here is one I made about our Dogs Twitter list that they have on their blog.
Watch on

Was that not 30 seconds of pure greatness? Don't answer that. LOL

All you need is a YouTube account & a cool idea.
You simply go to YouTube Search Stories
You will see that you get 6 search phrases,
You also pick if the search that shows on the vid is Web, Image, Maps, News, Blog search, product search, or books.
The 7 th search is the last phrase seen on the vid (I put in the Dog blog url).

They have a few choices of music to add, no I don't see how you can add your own. It probably saves them copywrite issues.

When you finish your video you simply hit to upload it to your Youtube account. It only takes a few seconds.
Be sure to think of a good title that is relevant but has a key word or 2.
The tags for this video are made from the searches you are showing on the video.
Once your video is uploaded to your account you can also go in & edit the description & tags.

Now, when I made this one I THOUGHT that when I put in @Zoieness that it showed her Pic longer (oops) instead we mostly see pics of her Capybara friend Caplin. I also tried to get the Web searches to pull up something relevant to the dogs blog (when is shows the SERP for Pampered Pups Twitter List - Zed & Zoies blog is #2 with the Title Twitter Dogs A-D). Not that anyone else can notice this stuff but, I did.

It just doesn't get any easier than that.

Give it a try & be sure to leave us a link here to your Google Search Story Video - we wanna see it!
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Google Search Story Video's are Easy



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