Are You Linking to Your Links?

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Are You Linking to Your Links?

Postby Sheryl Loch » Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:38 am

I’ll try to explain what I mean by that.
Say a blogger has written a post and included a link to you in it….As time goes by his post may be falling out of the Search engines focus. If his post is no longer being indexed or cached then that link he gave you is worthless.

If some one gives you a link…you want to keep it!

Here’s an example –
Brian wrote a post and listed some of his friend’s blogs. He of course gave them links with good anchor text. My blog happened to be one that he linked to (cause he luvs me). I checked and the post he wrote had not been cached for almost a month. That means the link he gave me is not getting the attention it deserves from Google. I must fix that!

How do I fix it?
Easy…I throw a couple of fresh links at his post.
I can do it on a forum, a NING site, bookmark site, or even blog about it.
I simply write a good little mini post and give a link with good anchor text like Great Blogs to Read.
Now I will be sending the search engines back over to the wonderful list of blogs written by Brians friends. That will give the links in his post a little boost….

Yes that is being selfish in a way…I am boosting his post so in turn….It boost mine.

How many links would you have to throw at a post to get it cached again? I am not sure. I figure that I can toss a couple out and see if it works, if not then I will toss out some more.
Keep in mind that the higher his post ranks…the more it will help mine in the long run.

A list post like Brian has is not the ultimate in pushing power to my link…But, he does have some great blogs listed that everyone should check out.

Maybe I should say that I linked to his list of blogs because I am sooooo freakin nice that I wanted to help everyone listed to give their link a boost.

I am using some of these same ideas with my Leverage Engine. I am linking to others to boost my own site.
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Are You Linking to Your Links?



Re: Are You Linking to Your Links?

Postby Brad West » Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:57 pm

Great post Sheryl,

Not sure how many people can get the concept that helping others has a huge return in the long run. This not only goes for links but everything in life. I won't get into why this is absolutely true and a common thread with the very successful.

OK you write a few little posts about the article on the site your link is sitting on, and link directly to that article so the article can get re-indexed and cached. I understand helping someones site out to benefit you.

But here a the question about linking to other people for no apparent reason. Like many of the links on this site and the Leverage Engine or index driver the links lead to places there aren't any of your own links they seem to just be connected to random things. Where is the benefit to give people links that you have no real connection to?

I understand the concept of the more you give the more you get. But by just giving all these links away, and allot of them follow links, this is just craziness isn't it?

I always thought the more you spam the more you get! :lol:
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Re: Are You Linking to Your Links?

Postby Brian Hawkins » Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:03 pm

I totally agree with linking to pages that are linking to your content. Thanks for using my page but I don't think it's a great example. I have no idea why but my posts aren't getting cached by Google. I tried pinging posts, cross linking and I even asked Google directly and it's still a mystery to me. I still get search traffic and my posts still show up in the SERPS but they aren't cached.

I just posted with a couple outside site links in it and within minutes I seen a Twitter retweet from one of the sites. I know that's not the same as linking but helping promote posts and articles mentioning our sites is just smart business.
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