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Commenting on Do Follow Blogs - NoFollow

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:56 pm
by Sheryl Loch
I know that many people love to comment on blogs. I would like to think that most do it to add to the conversation with good comments. Ok, I guess I should rephrase that and say that a good blogger will comment on others articles by leaving a good comment to build the blog community.

Those of us that are blog commenting freaks (yes, we love reading and adding what we know in the comment areas), get a special fuzzy feeling when we find a blog that has Do Follow comment links. Since we know how great Do Follow blogs are, many of us also have Do Follow on our own blogs.

To have a Do Follow blog does take extra work on behalf of the owner.
Because we can be the target of spam. Not only do the automatic spam posting bots target us but also the people that just want to post crap and think we will just let it go as a huge favor to them.

Well today Brad found an article that may give you some insight to how Do Follow blog owners feel about junk comments. Comment Spamming Do Follow Blogs 101 The analogy that this author uses is very fitting. For those of us that deal with the junk will fully understand what he is talking about. I would suggest that people thinking about using an automated system to spam or people that think they are a sneaky spammer read this.

My tip of the day – Blog communities do not buy or join with spammers. They will hunt you down and fry your crap link! Here is the link spammers may find associated with their name Low Life Spammer .com thanks to Brian (ExtremeEzine).

Sheryl Loch

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:12 pm
by Brad West
Today I am totally tripping about people that are fraudulently advertising the U Comment I Follow banner on their blog sites.

I went to Google Images with the U Comment I Follow search there are tons of sites that have the image I have yet to find a site with the U Comment I Follow image that I could contribute to that actually had follow links.

There were all kinds of articles by the blog owners stating that their blog now had U Comment I Follow. There were all kinds of comments thanking them for the Do Follow links that weren't there.

Wake up people FireFox has an add on that I run the nofollow constantly. Lairs suck help reveal who they are. I should start a forum just for people that comply and people that suck and don't.

Use this tool SearchStatus: A Search Extension for Firefox and Mozilla

Don't be one of those people saying thanks for the follow link when they are nofollow

Bard West ~ onomoney

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:46 pm
by Brian Hawkins
Hi Sheryl, I does take extra work to run a do-follow blog but I think it's worth it. If someone is going to take the time to read and comment on a post it seems wrong for my to signal Google to ignore the link to their site. In fact, I know it's out of character for me to say things like this ;) , it's just selfish in my opinion. Thanks for the link.

@Brad: Hi Brad. I use the Firefox plugin SeoQuake to see if a link is no-follow or do-follow. If it has the rel="nofollow" tag the plugin '[strike]lines-out[/strike]' the link.

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 4:10 am
by Sheryl Loch
Hey Brian,
After you sent out the link to Lynn Terry's blog today about deep linking, I decided to go ahead and put a note here. I was going to write it on my blog but, we need content here. LOL!

As you know I have done linking from every type of site possible. To try out each type of site I normally do only that type of site for a good while to see what happens without allot of influence of other links.

So at times I have only done sig lines in forums, only blog comments, only welcomes in forums, only profiles on social site............. and so on.

Now, the following is based on my thought of PAGE Rank - Each PAGE has a rank. Normally the one people notice is Domain rank which is the Home PAGE.

While doing the blog commenting I noticed all my links stunk as to getting any real pull. That, I think is because even if a domain page has a PR of 6, the page you comment on has a rank of 0 or N/A. I am sure that after time those pages will build up in rank IF the owner has been deep linking to that page & it is getting organic searches. Otherwise that link will sit on a no PR page forever. Yes, it MIGHT build PR just with time.

Now with my blog, I have pages that have a PR of 0 (not N/A), several are now getting a 1, and a few have a 2. If you look at my domain rank it is only a 2 so, people have thought there is no reason to comment as they would not get much juice. What they don't realize is even if my domain was a 9 but the page they comment on is not the home page then it may be a 0.

All of this is to say that I now watch for bloggers that deep link. If they are going to deep link & I want the DoFollow juice then that particular Page may eventually get PR.

Don't get me wrong, I still comment on NoFollow or PR 0 pages if I have something to say because of the community participation. But, I think to many people are fooled when it comes to Page Rank & what to look for.

I also think in the long run that those of us that are deep linking now will win in the very near future. I am much more impressed when I read a page with PR that is not the home domain than when I read a post that has N/A rank even if the domain is a 5.

So, what do you think?
Go ahead & tell us!! I know you have an opinion. LOL!


Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:26 am
by Brian Hawkins
Hi Sheryl, Like you, I will comment on any blog if it interested me and I honestly don't normally pay attention to pagerank. I do notice the no-follow because of the plugin I use but will still comment. I would rather the blog admin use a do-follow approach. I've seen nothing official, or even evidence, that no-follow blogs rank higher. I think the bigger blogs don't because they don't have to. I don't think that's how they got to where they are. The idea of loosing 'link juice' doesn't make sense. Google wants ads and paid links to include the rel="nofollow" tag but every time someone asks the question on their blog or webmaster help pages they say they like content and interaction.

I believe that as far as SEO blog commenting is way over rated. I use Google Alerts to see whenever certain keywords have been indexed. Very rarely will I get a Google alert from a comment I left. This includes no-follow blogs. Google alerts work on both because they still index the content even though they don't follow the link. This method is better than just seeing who's linking to our sites because it shows if the content is even getting indexed. In most cases it isn't.

I like the idea of deep-linking and it does make sense to me. I think that's why I don't get those Google alerts often - because the admin isn't doing deep linking. Perhaps some day we'll see blogs adding 'We Practice Deep-Linking' right next to their 'We Are Do-Follow'.

With all that said, I hope that you don't go through all that work and Google throw a wrench into everything with another update. They change their system/priorities so often it seems dangerous to spend too much time trying to play their game. It's like playing monopoly and the banker keeps changing the currency in the middle of the game. Even though he's winning he likes to see the other players squirm. I just try to comment to build relationships and build a little traffic. It's taking a long time but I hope that Google and others search engines notice the increased activity and realize it's legitimate and rank accordingly.

You were right, I have stuff to say about it but I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert on the subject. I'm just as lost as everyone else.

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:46 pm
by Brad West
Brian you bring up a good point about the value of blog commenting. I am totally convinced that Blog commenting is to an extent overrated. The actual back-link value from blogs dose not seem to have the weight that other sites such as forum boards have. Forums we have been playing on for a very long time, and have done extensive testing on different elements of the forum to determine what was working and what was working best. Notice I didn’t include what wasn’t working because we haven’t found where participating on a forum doesn’t work, unless the owner has done something like no bot access on sig-lines or something.

I’m not saying that blog commenting has no value, there is defiantly value commenting on blogs. Your comment may have more chance to have value when you contribute to the post with real content in your comment. This may be a guess but if I make a comment of “Way to go boy” I don’t think there is as much value there with bots or readers. But when I post a 200 to 500 word comment that actually coincides and complements the subject. I have totally believed and have for a long time, that content is king.

One thing that I am still noticing is there is a ton of misinformation circulating. People have no clue for the most part. There are people that will not post on No Follow blogs even when they have something to say. Is this because they don’t understand, or have been mislead, ether way why would you cheat yourself out of a good back-link.

There are people that think this Web 2.0 is some magical thing that just happened, when in reality all Web 2.0 is referring to is user generated content. This was going on way back on the first message boards, the enhancement of how a user can generate and share content has had tremendously improved since way back then. I guess I don’t understand how little people know. I guess that is why we are in the education business.

With all that said, Content is king, Forums rule, and web 2.0 is just a label. Tim Berners-Lee the dude who invented the World Wide Web, has questioned whether one can use the term 2.0 in any meaningful way, since many of the technological components of Web 2.0 have existed since the early days of the Web.

Brad West ~ onomoney

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:24 am
by Brian Hawkins
Hi Brad, I'm not ready to say forums are the solution either but like you said people have already done testing and I don't do any. I'm just going by the Google alerts and by links back to my sites, both do-follow and no-follow.

There are certainly more but here are the forum links I could find in a few minutes:

12/19/2008 Google Alert for The Internet Marketers Guild • Moxxor Omega3 earning potential ... (page missing 404)
10/19/2008 Google Alert for my profile on WarriorForum
01/26/2008 Google Alert for
02/17/09 The Internet Marketers Guild • Blog Co-op - Marketing Help - Flickr Follows

I do have a lot of blog links but I'm more active on blogs. But before I changed Extreme Ezine to blog format it had a Google PageRank of 05/10 and now it's just 03/10 after dropping to 00/10 right after the switch. The problem was that my index page changed but I have more links back to my site now. It looks like those links have less weight than those I had before blogs.

I do think you are right about the length/quality of the post and comments making a difference in Google weight. I fully expect to see something from this thread for example. If they don't see value in this discussion then Google's evaluation methods have failed.

That's funny you brought up Web 2.0. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but when I first started hearing the term Web 2.0 I thought it was going to be a second internet. I pictured a separate but parallel internet or perhaps an intra-net. I was even hearing things like, "it's going to be cleaner and faster" so there was a lot of confusion in the beginning. It really is a silly name that confuses people even today.

All in all I feel the best way to build an honest online businesses is to develop relationships within our niche, help each other succeed and continue to discuss these types of issues as part of the learning process. When used properly we have all the tools we could dream of now. Blogs, forums, social type directories, networking and bookmarking sites. I think where many are failing, including me, are by leaving the traditional marketing methods that worked for years for social networking. I think we should use both. They should compliment each other rather than social networking being a replacement.

One last thing I promise. :) I think PageRank and back links are over-rated too. It's important but neither will make us a cent if everything else isn't in place. Here's an example...

Search Google for 'john chow' without the quotes. You won't find anywhere on the front page. His twitter account is number one and then everyone talking about him after that. While he still gets traffic from Google indirectly I have to believe that he's not dependant on it for the traffic he gets and the money earned from the site. I think Google is just one of those tools we need to use but unless our niche is SEO focusing all of our time on it is a mistake. We still need things like products, call to action, lists in various forms, tracking, joint ventures, marketing campaigns and sales pages. All the things that many in that Web 2.0 are against lol

Wow, far too much thinking this early in the morning :)

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:19 pm
by Brad West
Off Topic
Thanks for the early morning thoughts I was just getting up at 4:00 when Sheryl mentioned that you had a reply. Had to have her read it to me, my old eyes were not quite focusing.

Anyway back on topic:

The reason I say that content is king, and content rules is from experience. For one example our Moxxor blog on (that would be blog number 6). When we got involved with Moxor, I built the skin, we were writing articles and had it launched the next day. We did a little research and plugged a few keywords and wrote enough articles for about two weeks or so. We did very little linking except for making the rounds on some of the old forms that were still up and running. We changed sig-lines and through up a quick post. We couldn’t use the Blog Co-Op and spam our own site.

The results were amazing we had more content than links and ranked on about a dozen keywords real well in no time. So content I am convinced is defiantly a huge part. I don’t want to down play back links in any way they are defiantly important. And so many people don’t understand the value or the need to be diverse when linking.

You mention Social Networking I am presuming you are meaning Social Networking Sites. Because unless there is some control like on FaceBook and a few others they are not networking sites they are spammers paradise. Sites like Ning are a full of people not even introducing themselves they are just link chuckers, These are the same people joining network and group after network and group pushing the same links day after day. Allot of the same people that we knew from way back are still doing the same thing leaving a path of litter where ever they go. You can’t tell me by now that at least one or two of these people could own their blog or site by now. All the preachers of you can get rich doing it for free are still doing it for free.

OK now that I have had a little release, and vented with a short Rant. Sorry!

We did nothing but Social Networking for a good long while, We ran BizPreneur also. It takes a lot of time with little action, But on the up-side they are good for back-links and a place to put your feeds.

Page rank is a very minute part of the big picture, more a status symbol than anything else. The power is in content and links. The real power is in the traffic. Put all this together and you have something unstoppable. Page Rank just happens

I agree that all this is for not without a product, we have been brainstorming to see what else we can build. As I have said a few times before Team Work. I would like to get a project going with a small team to build a product. After over a year just two of us working on the Blog Co-Op we realize the value of a team more than ever, you can trust me on that one. WOW

Brad West ~ onomoney

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 8:19 am
by Sheryl Loch
Hey guys!
Not sure where to start as I kinda got busy & have missed out. I saw a couple of things and got side tracked trying to figure it out.

I think that depending on your type of business, you do need community. I say depending because, the everyday shopper that is going to Goog and typing in a search term for a product does not know you & likely does not know anyone that knows you. So, they will never know if you are a good person. They will also not know how you got to the top of the SERP's (that is where the community helps get you there) but, the shopper may never know.

Yet, many sales will come from your community & the 'word of mouth'. People involved with a community will take the recommendation of other members.
I think where many people fail while trying to use communities is that they are not participating as an equal member. They want to come in & be a salesman only concerned with their product. But, that is a whole nother post. LOL!

I do not think the 'testing' I have done will ever be a waste because SEO has not really changed over time. Yes, they tweek it & the SE's might put priority on certain things at different times but, it is still going to have the same base.

Backlinks - I think you can have some of the best content in the world but, it will sit & get stale if you do not have any links coming into it. Backlinks are not a set & go thing. You can't go out and get a 100+ backlinks and think that will be it. You have to constantly keep building. As we know some backlinks just fall off the radar (pages get closed, they stop getting indexed..) so, it is a never ending job. You also have to remember to build some new perma links to old pages.

It is better if you can have Quality over Quantity - the problem is that I do not know many pr 5+ sites that will just give me a backlink. Therefore I have to hit lower ranked sites & get many more. Hopefully if my content is good then other people will pick it up and help me build links to it.

The NoFollow or DoFollow is just a mess! To many SEO's have found that NoFollow links do count. This is because if I post a NoFollow link it still gets picked up by other sites that do not recognize the NoFollow. Then say, Google comes along to the other site & then picks up my link... I am betting that people that only have low quality DoFollow links will get slapped long before those of us that have both Do & No Follow also,high & low quality links.

You also need to have links from a variety of site types. I have been watching some idiots that have been doing the same thing over and over. They act as if they will dominate 1 type of site and come out the winner. LOL!

Page Rank is over rated to an extent. I have seen pages rank higher in the SERP's that have low PR that some pages with high PR. And the best way to get PR seems to me, is to get good organic hits.

Google has like 200 parts to their ranking system. You have to try and hit the major parts of that. No one can hit it all every time.

Ok, I have to go do a few other things before I get to carried away! ;)

I'll be back,
Sheryl Loch

Re: Commenting on Do Follow Blogs

PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 9:21 am
by Brad West
I don't really want to down play anything in this game of domination, All facets of off site SEO are important to an extent. One great back link could be worth 100 times low grade ones. I totally agree the combination of many different things is key. A well rounded campaign is the best way to assure domination and survival especially when algorithms are changed. I have always been one to be prepared for the "what if".

Yes you need a trending product, one that is in demand to make money. If you have a product and keep it in the backroom out of sight you don't have much chance of selling it. If you have something that you believe in make sure the traffic you worked so hard for sees it, or your efforts are all for nothing.

Brad West ~ onomoney

Off Topic
This thread has gotten a little off topic, but that is OK. The big picture is that those who care are looking for an overall solution. Do you have something to add?