Can You Win With the Gurus

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Can You Win With the Gurus

Postby Brad West » Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:30 pm

Can you really win with what the Gurus are selling you

Ok Here we go now you got me all riled up.

I bought my first get rich e-book I believe it was for $27.00 or $49.00, it's been that long ago I can't remember the money isn't the point.

What I can remember vividly is reading, rereading and taking the time to do every little thing that this big guru said to do. Because I wasn't going to let anything slip by, I was going to be rich.

Well after quite a spell of doing everything to a T, I wasn't seeing the promised results. So I when and contacted the Joe Guru with an extensive letter, probably more in depth than his e-book. A couple days went by and I get a response back. Better than you get from 85% of the big guys today (just tested this one 4 times, so I'm not kidding0. The response simply read I didn't do everything by the letter and that is why my results were so poor. I needed to by this more expensive product this is where the meat is. I in turn wrote him back and simply told him, I bought the real story the first time, You sold me the meat that would make me rich remember and posted the copy from his splash page.

Three days later I resent the message, wondering if he got it. I have never heard from him again. But beware this Joe Guru is still out there and active today. I'm on his list.

I have been saying this for years, and it still needs to be done today. I tried to get a site going just for rating e-products and on-line training. Where can you go to find out the stats of how many people had results from a product or training. There is no place you can't. How many of these big guys market by revealing how many people they have helped become rich, or even make a dime. None that only can boast about how much they make, and here is part of how I did it.

I do understand that there are the halfhearted hobby type people that would have to be honest not only with themselves but but others and just say I really didn't try. But then again there are people like us who work a full time job and put the rest of our waking hours fighting the good fight.

Just a for instance since this is what I got my head around right now. Our Blog Co-Op system I can't get anyone to spit on. Now here is a real proven product that is working better than we even expected to get blog sites deep-linked, bookmarked, and on massive feeds. Besides the site we are paying good money every month for a tool to help manage the content, no content. But I'm not Joe Guru So I must not know what I'm doing.

Are there that many stupid people that just keep buying stuff just to say they bought the Joe Guru products or what. It makes me wonder if actually having a product with value is a good thing or not.

I do know that working in teams is the only way to make things really work. There are tons of people that just don't get that.

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Can You Win With the Gurus



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