Pleasuring your blog

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Pleasuring your blog

Postby Brad West » Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:24 pm

Don't know if I can speak with any authority here, I don't personally own a blog.

The question: What is better Blogging in a straight line and stick to the subject at hand, or can you mix in a little of your own love and knowledge and still get some where

But then again I build the Blogs the girls have and I'm pretty intimate with them. As a matter a fact when we set Sheryl's Blog up a few years back her insistence was to defy the SEO laws. She now has 7 blogs on the same domain, no keyword URL, just

Her Alexa keeps dropping just over 200 K right now. But after the last Google ranking her front page dropped to a 1. Her front page actually went backwards. She Was Hot to say the least. Then she got looking around. See her post in another thread here on the board Google Hands Out Page Rank

Due to the testing that we had been doing on the Blog Co-Op we had been submitting perma links that lead directly to articles. Knowing yourself a little about how the Blog Co-op works, I will just highlight a little.

When submitting to the Co-Op you submit a mini post or the first paragraph of your blog article with a perma link in a topic specific thread.

Look back at what I just said, you are submitting content not just a link to a topic specific area. I will just let your imagination take care of the rest.

The result on Sheryl's blog after looking closer was a big increase in PR on the interior pages there are now a minimum of 6 pages with the PR of 1 and one page at 2, weird enough that is a sales page. Also a bunch of pages went from an N/A to a rank of 0.

People say well your PR it's only a zero, Don't be fooled my friends a zero is 100 times better than No Rank at all.

Take a look at some of the blogs out there that the front page rank at 6 or 7 they have worked so hard at pushing the domain. They never thought to hook up the content, there interior pages allot of times are not even ranked or N/A.

What is more important the site or the content.

So the theory of following strict SEO laws goes on. Do you stay focused on one subject and don't contaminate your blog with anything fun or do you have fun and increase your keyword count so you get not so targeted traffic coming to your site also.

I may not have answered any questions, I got a little off topic. I think it is a personal preference of where you want to go, and using your educated imagination to get there.

Hope I helped a little, just creating another question helps sometimes.
There is a post by Sheryl with a little more Google info if you like its on the Google gives out page rank thread

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Pleasuring your blog



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