SPAM is a NON Productive Action and waste of energy

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SPAM is a NON Productive Action and waste of energy

Postby Brad West » Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:52 pm

So what about Spam, I bet everyone knows what spam is, if you didn't ask for it and someone is asking you for something it is most likely spam. If I'm on a list and I get propositioned that is fine it is also my choice. Like many already have experienced from me, when ever that happens I will try to approach the situation somewhat rationally. Then you get blocked,or deleted LOL

The people that hate Spam the worst are the Spammers themselves. The most common reason for spamming when approached is "I was only thinking of you, or it is really for your own good".

OK, well I'm not sure, but being approached by a complete stranger that I'm sure doesn't know me or who I am, read my profile, or for that matter Googled me. But they have nothing but my best interest in mind. That could be a bit of a stretch to say the least, not sure why, but it is, It may have happened more than once

That leads me to what is working for me at this point.
It's very simple really reading, getting to know people for who the really are, learning from and share with them. I'm not saying don't pay attention to our business. But since I stopped pulling, pushing, and shoving what I do on people, and learning what true marketing is, things are great. I have never done better since I have stopped acting and showing desperation, I learned to separate networking and business. Networking is great to build a relationship, business is built on relationships. It is just normal to ask each other what you do if you have built a good relationship with them.

When you know someone by what they do and not who they are that is not a relationship. When The first thing I see is a link in a half-assed hello, the first thing I think of is WOW this person is thinking of me/?#

  Don't waste your time
Spam doesn't work  

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SPAM is a NON Productive Action and waste of energy



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