Post Your Scheduled Google Hangouts

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Post Your Scheduled Google Hangouts

Postby Sheryl Loch » Fri Dec 09, 2011 6:34 pm

Are you planning a Google hangout? Maybe you would like to announce it on a site that could get views and interest from people you are not yet in contact with?

Well, here ya go! Check out Where to Hangout.

The site does not seem very active at this time but that doesn't mean it won't get traction in the future.

You can schedule your hangouts for an upcoming time that also includes a "topic", category and a description of your hangout.

This could be a great asset to bloggers and business if the site gets going a bit. Just think if you were looking for more readers, wanted to personally address questions or introduce yourself…this could be great.

Some people are scheduling a weekly hangout. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel...

Since I have been doing video tips for the Hot Blog Tips Newsletter, I am always wondering what questions people need answered. What tips do the readers want or need.

I have tons of info but, don't always know what others are interested in. Maybe a tip that I feel is "old hat" maybe just what someone else has never heard and is in real need of. So, I could possibly do a hangout so people could ask questions. If I could give them a short answer to get them started…great. If the answers more complicated and needs an entire post then I can do that and send them the url. Maybe I would keep a list of all questions ask so, I could have topics for tips and articles????

That is where the Hangout Announcement site could come in handy. I could possibly get people to visit the hangout that have never heard of myself or Hot Blog Tips. Hmmm, new readers? That is always welcome, eh?

So go over and checkout the site…if you have an upcoming Google Hangout planned…go ahead and list it…it can't hurt.

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Post Your Scheduled Google Hangouts



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