Saying Thanks to our Military Personel

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Saying Thanks to our Military Personel

Postby Sheryl Loch » Fri Nov 19, 2010 1:37 pm

Since it is coming up on the holidays, I thought I would post this link from the USO.

If you go to Send Thanks you can write a little message saying thanks to the men and women serving in the military.

You can also read post made by others. If you would like you can search by zip code to see messages sent by your local area.

I know this may not seem like you are doing much but, a simple message may make someone feel better and know they are not forgotten. Keep in mind that it is not only the troops that giving so much...the families of these men and women are also giving.

Having been a Navy wife, I can assure you that there are many wives/husband that are not in the military and are at home taking care of kids on their own while the other parent is sent over seas. That is something that can be really hard when you may be moving constantly, moved away from your family, kids are sick, the car breaks down, bills are tight...and the other parent is not around to help you make decisions. So please just remember the entire family (including the kids that miss their mom/dad) this holiday season.

I know we have members here from other countries so, if you know of a similar site or way to say thanks to your military please post it.
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Saying Thanks to our Military Personel



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