Yes, the Poor are Getting Poorer

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Yes, the Poor are Getting Poorer

Postby Sheryl Loch » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:02 am

Breaking News from the Economic Policy Institute - The poor people in America are getting poorer. Now, who would have guessed?

The poor are getting poorer

They have a nice little post and graphic showing that the people under the poverty level are not just barely under it, they make less than half of the amount of the poverty income. But wait! They only have stats up until 2009. Wonder what their graph will look like at this time next year?

With the unemployment so high, employers not giving raises, and then you have so many people that are not working but are not counted in the unemployment numbers because they are not even eligible.

Now while your on that site look at some of the other "Breaking News" that they have figured out like how the Rise in Unemployment hurts children too, State and local job losses threaten recovery, Americans work longer.... How many of those things could us regular workin folk have told them a long time ago?


Remember all those people that we were told were crazy because they said leaders of America wanted 2 classes of people...the rich and the deadly poor? Are we getting there, starting with low income getting lower and soon the middle class will follow into the poor category?

If you wonder where all our money is going then check out What was Stimulus Money Spent On. That shows how intelligently some tax dollar's are being spent to help all us "poor folk".
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Yes, the Poor are Getting Poorer



Re: Yes, the Poor are Getting Poorer

Postby Brian Hawkins » Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:21 pm

On a personal level, I'm making more money than I ever have before and our lifestyle has dropped considerably. And we're the fortunate ones in our family. Every dollar counts and we can't afford any mistakes. It's hard to even see why. It's a bunch of little expenses that have increased enough to make life a little harder each year. it's truly amazing that the government and media are just now catching on.
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