Chappell Hill, Texas Bank Allows Guns Inside

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Chappell Hill, Texas Bank Allows Guns Inside

Postby Sheryl Loch » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:24 pm

A bank in Chappell Hill, Texas is encouraging its customers to come inside with their weapons. If the person is legally carrying a fire arm.

No joke, I know most banks would never say to bring in your guns while banking with us but, they have a great idea as they do this. The bad guys have guns and would not follow the rules as not bring them inside...most banks robberies include a gun. But, if a would be robber had to think about who else in the bank may have a gun...they might just decide to go somewhere else to do their hold up.

You can pop over to Bank encourages second amendment to see their nice door sign.

I think most people that would have a CCP do not go in places planning to use that gun for bad things. People that are going to do bad things will not follow any laws or rules anyway.

Would you feel that your money might be safer in a bank like this?

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Chappell Hill, Texas Bank Allows Guns Inside



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