"I Can Stalk You" Phone Picture Safety

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"I Can Stalk You" Phone Picture Safety

Postby Sheryl Loch » Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:42 pm

Here ya go... it's a stalkers dream come true.
If you have a cell phone and like to send out pics from it to Twitter...I might know exactly where you are. Hell, I can even get a map with directions right to the spot you sent the message from.

How's that for very scary???? Creepy, just way to creepy for me.

Today I happened upon a site that shows you exactly what info is sent out with that picture.

I am not sure what all types of cell phones use this but, they have info on the site to help you disable it. I suggest that if you or your kids have cell phones then you should check this out. I know I wouldn't want some freak knowing where me or my kids were.

So go see I Can Stalk U. It may just save you from a number of problems.

Oh, when you co to the site, you will notice that if you click on View Tweet - the Tweet does NOT mention anything about where exactly they are. It is all found in the meta data. Something that any pervert or robber may know how to get.
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"I Can Stalk You" Phone Picture Safety



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