Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook

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Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook

Postby Sheryl Loch » Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:14 pm

I always knew that FaceBook was evil. In fact I figured that many of the users where not very bright. Now I have proof of both.

I also found out why the FTC is making marketers talk in language that a 6 y/o could understand. We may even have to lower that age level when we communicate on Facebook.

ReadWriteWeb did a great post that talks about Facebook changes and how FaceBook Wants to be Your One True Login. Normal people went to read the article to see what RWW's thoughts were. Then they were shocked.

It just so happened that their article hit Googles front page for the phrase Facebook Login. Oh, they also found out that gazillions of FB users type "FaceBook Login" into Google to get to their FB page.

What does all that mean?
Holy crap! People were clicking onto the RWW article, trying to Login into FB. They did find the Facebook connects & then proceeded to comment the article believing that they were actually on the NEW FACEBOOK.

You MUST read these comments. In fact I also thought that it was a joke but on about page 3 (#117) of the comments one of the staff at RWW confirmed that their stats showed it really is people trying to use facebook.

The 1st page of comments is mostly people complaining that they can't log in. Yet if you look at what they wrote it has a Facebook Connects icon. They were logged in somewhere but....oh no...where are their friends? Where is Farmville? ROFLOL!

Commenter #20 is just there to get her stuff off of her Facebook and be done.

#41 Feels Facebook has messed up the whole thing & just wants to get back to the Login.

#58 Is going to Delete her account because it sucks. (1st she has to figure out where Facebook is LOL!) But wait....she is also commenter # 85 & she has come up with the brilliant plan to use BING to find FB login.

#68 Is convinced that someone needs fired. Bet he won't be back..cause he can't find it.

Now #81 is priceless! They are just the type you want on Facebook but, to late. They claim they are going back to My Space. Oh well, at least he didn't waste his energy on using any capitals. I'm just not sure who he is calling a dumb ass.

#108 is looking for the new URL to FB?!?

OK, #152 is a winner! I agree with her RWW should create their own shyt. Who are they to take over Facebook? Oh, and this person used all capitols to make up for the ones missed earlier.

Oh no, I think #175 is also going to pack her bags & leave FB...see ya! Maybe she can meet up with #187 on another site & they can be confused together.

#203 Is trying to send a letter to family...hope there aren't to many secrets she is willing to share on a BLOG Comment...or is she on Facebook? Now, I'm confused.

Poor #206 & 208 is paranoid that she is being edited. I think she should write FB a complaint letter.

Now the comments are being turned into sarcastic bleeps by people that are highly interweb smart. They are loving the laughs.

#245 should have their mouth washed out with soap! But, they have a point about these people electing Palin. *vomits just a little*

#251 must be a joke. No one would really be that stupid & yell it. Gosh, I hope they find their wall & it's not covered with glitter pics.

I can't say that I am excited to know that #262 has 4 children that carry their DNA. The bad DNA must not be spread!

#299 is trying to make the idiots feel better by giving them a quiz. Oh shit, now they WILL think they are on Facebook.

#317 is Awesome! It explains exactly what happened to Facebook.

Poor #321 is going to be in Deep shit with his wife...oh well she probably just sent him a Dear Moron email anyway.

Gee, even the President of the Internet has gotten involved to try and help. I feel it is no use...there are more.

At this time there are 383 comments on the post.
I mean RWW even made a HUGE BOLD statement in their post telling people that they are not on Facebook.

Now, go over and read the post...oh don't worry about the the comments. Let us know which one is your fav.

Oh & if you recognize any of the names & they are on your FB friends get bonus points for befriending the stupid!
[right] [/right]

Ps. I hope we find out that RWW did all this as a hoax & paid people to write stupid comments. If not, then be afraid…be very afraid!
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Sheryl Loch
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Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook



Re: Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook

Postby Brian Hawkins » Sun Feb 14, 2010 9:30 am

Now that's so funny it actually hurt Sheryl! OMG, how can I get number one in Gmail login? Have you ever watched someone at a computer when you tell them to go to a particular website? Several times I've watched people type the URLs into the search bar instead of the address bar. These guys here are doing just the opposite.

I think we can sell an e-book called, 'Computer Handbook For Facebook Dummies' and make a fortune.
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Re: Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook

Postby Sheryl Loch » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:52 am

Brian, I laughed so hard I thought I might just pee myself.
Brad was looking at me like I had lost my mind. I was trying to explain to him what I was reading but, I couldn't even get the words out.

That does show how scams get so many people to put info in. Can you imagine if a scam could rank for peoples bank info...people would just fill in all their stuff & the scammers would be in heaven.

This is mentality of people being to lazy to figure things out on their how to read a website URL.

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Sheryl Loch
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Re: Read Write Web IS the NEW Facebook

Postby Cait Hagar » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:20 pm

That was the funniest shiz I've read in a long time. I mean, I KNOW I get joy out of peoples stupidity, but HOLY CRAP! I know I'm not always the sharpest person on the earth... but if I DO get confused as to what site I'm on, I LOOK IN THE URL BOX.

I like # 68. "Who's idea was this?? Hope he's not too big to fire cause he just LOST a bunch of faithful users. Chances are it'll never be the same as it was before....cya"

How dramatic... Well, I'm sure Facebook would be sad to see you go. But, Read Write Web could care less.

Facebook HAS to be proud of it's members. And I always thought the stupid ones were on Myspace.

Cait Hagar
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Cait Hagar
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