Do a Real Time Search on Google

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Do a Real Time Search on Google

Postby Sheryl Loch » Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:46 pm

Everyone talks about Real Time search!
Lots of people think Google can't compete in real time results. HA!
What if you could do a search on Google and see the newest result?
What if you could see what has been posted within the last 30 seconds, 10 minutes, 3 hours... Yes, these are Real Time searches through Goog!

I saw a Tweet today from one of my favorite SEO guys Dan Thies (Twitter @DanThies), that had sent out a link to a little 'hack' (no you do not have to be a hacker)!

Once you go to Google and do an advanced Search in a time frame then you can change just 1 letter and make the search down to the second. It really works, I was playing with it this morning.

You can go to Omgili Blog - Near-Real-Time Search on Google. Here will be the Easy as pie instructions (with pictures).

Here is a search I did for Tornado's I set the time for new post within the last 30 minutes. Real Time Tornado.
As you will see the last 3 characters are n30 this means n=minutes 30 is how many minutes.
Want to do within the last hours replace the n with an h then put the number for how many hours
You can go down to seconds just by placing an s rather than an n.

When you do any advanced search by time limits look for the qdr: then place your own defining characters (hours (h), min (n), seconds (s)) & BAM - real time search results.

I would have never even looked at how the time limits worked so thanks to Ran Geva, Omgili CEO, for taking the time to share this super cool way to search.
So hit the link to go over to the Omgili blog and see the images & get a full explanation.
They are much better at explaining than I am (I just played with the code, they are the brains).

Sheryl Loch
Yes, this search can work for every search term - sports, weather, even see what a person on Twitter said in the last (how ever long).
[right] [/right]
Yes, I did do a search for "twitter Sherylloch" I set the time for within 1 hour - it gave me my tweets that I had had sent within the time frame I specified.
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Do a Real Time Search on Google



Re: Do a Real Time Search on Google

Postby Sheryl Loch » Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:49 pm

Oh Boy have I got a treat for you!!!

Another really smart guy named Dan Raine (Twitter Dan Raine) took the above information about doing a real time search on Google and made a Real Time search bar!

You can search post on Google from 7 days ago right up to new post within the last seconds (yes, post within under 30 seconds ago).

Does it really work?
Oh heyll'ya!
I had just saw a tweet about Patrick Swayze passing away, but, it did not have a link to a story confirming it. Since I do not trust all statements that get tweeted I wanted a link to prove that he had passed in MY tweet before I sent it out.

HA! I went to Dan's page & used his new tool bar & listed the time so I only got pages made within the past 1 hour. I figured this would save me from sorting through all the movies, shows, interviews...I wanted the freshest info I could find.

That is just what I got! The google search brought only NEWLY Indexed pages about Patric Swayze.

It would have been nicer to really get to try out this new search toolbar for something a little less depressing.

Anyway, I want to share this awesome toolbar with you all - Raine Labs Real Time Search.

You will put your search query in the top tool bar, pick the Timeframe, and search.
The only thing - Once you have found the article you want to read, if you want to share that direct link, you will need to right click on the Post Title to open in a new tab. Then you will have only that page link & not the toolbar link.

Go on & try it out.


ps. I did not plan for 2 Dan's in a row of post so, I will go look for someone named Herman for my next one. ;)
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Re: Do a Real Time Search on Google

Postby Sheryl Loch » Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:06 pm

Ok, I love using the Real Time Search on Google. In fact I have at least 1 real time tab open about all day.
Thing is that sometimes while reading an article I really want to know what people are saying about a topic NOW! I want the latest news about that subject.

Normally I would have to open a new tab, go to Google, type in my key word or phrase, hit search, then click more options, then click latest.
Sure that only takes a few seconds but, what if you could save yourself a few of those steps? Sweet idea eh?

Here is the link to a page where Marshal Kirkpatrick has saved the day with a bookmark button for real time search!
I had never heard of Marshal until today but, I like him already.
Oh the link - Google Real Time

His button is easy to click and drag to your browser toolbar.
Now, when you are on a page just highlight and word or words and click the Real Time bookmark....BAM! There is the new Google page with your search in RT!

It does open in the same tab so be sure you don't forget where you are if you need to go back.

Why am I excited?
Lots of times I see a great story for my driver site but, I may not want to link to the original site I found it on. Therefore I do real time and look for the same, better, or more updated info on a site I like better.
I don't link to some sites because of pop ups, pop unders, loads to slow.....I want to use the info just not send readers to a crap site that may cause them issues.

Go on and check out the link above. If you love real will want to get your button.
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Re: Do a Real Time Search on Google

Postby Sheryl Loch » Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:54 pm

Google is stepping up and improving the Real-Time search!

Can I just say that I LOVE Real-Time search. In fact I use it everyday...sometimes all day. I want fresh info and normally the best way to get it is the realtime search.

Now, the Big G is going to give RealTime Search its own page! YEAH!! Although 99% of the time I just use my Real Time Search bookmark Button. <-One of the BESTEST bookmark buttons ever created for what I do on many of my Index Driver sites!

Ok, Danny Sullivan has a post saying that the New Google RealTime Search new home page will be at (You can read his full article at Google Realtime Search Gets Home Page, Conversation View, Alerts & Geosearch). He also shows how you can use the Real Time search to get location specific post.
Can you say BONUS!!!

Wether you all like it of not, Real Time search is great! I see it as being HUGE!! Your topic in real time! What are people saying? Is your shit old has been or are you up to date with real info?

Then again, I still love Google Buzz & many people have LOL'ed at me for that.
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