Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Area

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Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Area

Postby Sheryl Loch » Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:30 pm

Many people would love to have a way to Give Back to their community but, may have a hard time finding a volunteer program where they would be the most benefit.

There is a new site up that can help you find local events & organizations where you can volunteer to pitch in.

They have all sorts of categories such as health, animal, kids, and nature… how many different events being listed will of course depend on the area you live in.

Simply place a key word in the search bar at the top & it will go by your IP to find the location. If you would like to find volunteer programs in a different city it is as easy as typing in the name of the town.

Some programs on the list ask you to read to people in nursing homes, deliver meals & a little conversation to the home bound, sewing & repairing costumes for kids performing arts, even an email pen pal book club so this is just a few things that I have seen while popping around in different cities.

Think of all the church groups, scouts, neighborhoods… or maybe even just you and your family would have a chance to experience giving to those that are in need or cleaning up your environment.

We live in the Las Vegas area & I know that there must be tons of ways to spend a few hours as a volunteer but, if they are not listed on the noon news, I have never seen them. I know that many animal shelters will let people volunteer but, that is mostly what I hear about. Many times organizations only get mentioned because they will take monetary donations. While giving money is great, I also think that being an active part of a program would be even better.

If you would like to see the opportunities in your area of the USA, go on over to All For Good . Oh, and the 1st Lady, Michelle Obama, will greet you. ;)
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Find Volunteer Opportunities in Your Area



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