Get iGoogle's Digg Like Gadget

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Get iGoogle's Digg Like Gadget

Postby Sheryl Loch » Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:38 pm

Today Mashable wrote an article about a new application on iGoogle - Did Google Just Build It's Own Digg?

Once again, I had to go check it out.
Grabbed the gadget and took a look.
I also added a post just so, I could see how it worked.

When you get the gadget you will see a list of articles that you can only sort by
Most Relevant
Date Added

It is kind of a pain because it does not have better categories (Hope they add that if they are going to make this a real featured gadget).

You can now see articles that have been added and vote the post up. Yes, the more votes up, the higher it goes on the list.

You can also add articles that you think are important.

When you add a post to the list you have the option to Edit the Title, Description, and if you want your name associated with adding the post.

I would think that if you are adding good articles then you would want your name on it. It may at some point help you gain credibility in the community.

To find the new Digg like iGoogle gadget -
Log into your Gmail
Click the text at the top that say MORE,
At the bottom of that pop up you will see Even More (click that),
This will lead you to the More Google Products page,
about 1/2 way down you will see iGoogle (click)

Now you are at your iGoogle page,
on the top right you will see the text Add Stuff this will lead you to a page of gadgets you can place on your page.
Use the search box to find What's Popular,
then just click to add this to your iGoogle page.

You can click and open the gadget in full page, this makes it much easier to look through.
Ok, give it a try and let me know what you think.

Sheryl Loch

ps. Hint - We know how much Google likes their own tools.
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Get iGoogle's Digg Like Gadget



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