Using Copyrighted Music Knocks Out Viral Video

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Using Copyrighted Music Knocks Out Viral Video

Postby Sheryl Loch » Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:57 am

I always try to let people know how important it is to watch for copyrights when putting music on their videos. Most people who do many videos know that a copyright violation can get your video taken down or have your entire YouTube channel deleted. Many of those same people know that having just the right music can set the mood and increase views. So, that is where the problem lies for the occasional YouTuber…they want great music and may not understand the copyright issues.

That is what happened to one video that went viral. One dad (Brent Gordon) was very proud of his 9 year old daughter (Sam Gordon) and wanted to show the world how great she was at football. He made an awesome video and it went crazy (1/2 a million views in no time). I even saw it on our local news. Problem was, he used music that he didn't have the rights to use. OOOPS! Yes, it was yanked right down! (Not sure of the view or comment count wen the video was removed)

Let me just break here to call out those copyrights holders. I think that was a pretty jerky thing to do. Although I am not sure if YouTube ID'd the music and sent out an auto notice or if a rights holder did it. Either way, I wonder if there is any way that copyrighted music could be used on a non commercial, non monetized video? I know that right now it may not be an option, but maybe these music companies might want to think about it.

Now back to the video. I have found several copies of the video all over YouTube. The ones I found did not have great music. But, since the girl has been in the news so much, they are getting views. Which brings me to another issue that gripes my ass…people have copied the original video and are now monetizing it. </rant>

I am not sure that her video would have drawn so much attention if he had put different music on the original. The music played a huge role in the response. He is still just as proud of his daughter and wants to show her off, but he is probably afraid of using most decent music.

So the 2 lessons in this…
1) Picking music that enhances the video can really make a difference.
2) Using copyrighted music can get you video yanked.

So there ya have it.

Oh, if you didn't see the video or see her on TV…Sam can haul it! She put the boys to shame! In fact you can see her and some of the football footage at Girl Football Star Sam Gordon, 9, Wows With Spectacular Highlight Reel. Wait until you see this girls stats…she really is good and cute too.

Use music with caution!

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Using Copyrighted Music Knocks Out Viral Video



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