Picasa Selling Your Photos From Google Plus

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Picasa Selling Your Photos From Google Plus

Postby Sheryl Loch » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:26 pm

Is Picasa selling pictures uploaded to Google Plus?

This could be true, but there is a way to change your settings so no one is allowed to order your pictures.

I think it was Isha that posted the link to a G+ thread that talks about how your photos may get sold and who gets the money. Yeah, it isn't you making the cash on those uploaded pictures.

Checkout the Google Plus Post HERE. Pay attention if you don't want your hard work for favorite pics putting money in others pockets.

In case you already know about this and just want to check your settings, the instructions are posted HERE.

In the hangouts on Air we did not long ago, we had the question…"Do you watermark your pictures and why?" at the 13:49 mark. I do watermark all of my images, and you can hear my reason on the video at Basic Image and Video Tips For Bloggers - Part 2. You can click on the proper time stamp in the video description on YouTube.

Do you think just changing your settings is enough?

What if others download and re-upload your photos?

How do you protect your pictures???

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Picasa Selling Your Photos From Google Plus



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