What is YouTube Slam

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What is YouTube Slam

Postby Sheryl Loch » Wed Dec 28, 2011 5:59 pm

Youtube announced on Tuesday Dec. 27, 2011 that they were going to let YouTube users help find the viral video. Ummm, isn't it a user that finds a great video and then shares it that makes the whole viral thing start? Maybe I'm wrong but, whatever.

Anyhow, Youtube has come out with what they are calling YouTube Slam. So what is Youtube Slam?

EVIL! It is pure evil! They have 5 categories of "slams" Bizarre, Dance, Comedy, Cute, and Music. They have several video's in each category and they put up 2 at a time and let you vote on the one you like best out of the 2 and then once you vote, it pops up 2 more videos going head to head for your vote.

So now you may be wondering why I called that evil…well, because once you start watching and voting…you can't stop! Sure you can leave the page and log out of Youtube, IF you have the will power.

Stupid me, I thought I would try it out right after I saw the announcement Introducing YouTube Slam. Of course I went for the CUTE category (that was a HUGE mistake). I watched a couple and voted and noticed that when you vote, it tells you if you voted for the Leader or the Underdog….hello, some of the people voting must have been wacked out of their minds. How could a super cute puppy be getting less votes than some babbling kid?

I could see that it was up to me and the Fuzzy account to right some wrongs! Unless an animal was just sitting there, it had to be cuter than a child. Seriously! So after watching and voting for far too long…I left. I am sooo tempted to go back, I mean what if there's a cute animal that I missed? It could have its felling hurt if it were to get beat out by some poopie pants kid. DELIMA!

Anyway, you all can go over at try it out. Just be sure to pick category that you have no real interest in.

Here's my tip – I was going over to find good videos to comment on knowing that if they were in the Slam, they would be getting tons of traffic. Well, low and behold, you can't get to the original videos page from the slam page.

You could type the video title into a Youtube search and possibly find it but, I'm just lazy and didn't want to mess with it so…I figured out that if you click over to see the WINNERS…you can go straight to the videos page and then post a comment. Seriously, I always look for cue animal videos to watch and comment on so this list gives me 10 right off the top. BONUS!

My Thought – Youtube will be busting out the big guns in 2012! They want as many viewers and video producers as possible. This new Slam is just 1 way to draw more people in to spend more time watching video. That means that YT will also get some good stats about how long people watch, how many videos they will watch, what users like to watch and all that info will be used to better the site and bring in more advertisers. If you are not making video's…you are getting left behind!

Now if you have watched Slams until your brain has started to rot, then the cure might be to go to our Fuzzy channel linked above or visit the Best Blogging Tips channel that is building a variety of tips for bloggers and marketers.

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What is YouTube Slam



Re: What is YouTube Slam

Postby Brian Hawkins » Wed Dec 28, 2011 8:13 pm

I haven't tried YouTube Slam yet but it makes me wonder about fairness. Call me cynical but once a site starts telling us what we like I wonder what the motives are. We're seeing it on other networks already where sponsored and paid discovery are put in front of us as if they were most popular yet user voting is ignored. And what about the popular kids in school, they just keep getting more popular because they're always in front of the class?

Thanks for linking to our channel by the way. :D
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