WasteBook 2011 Your Tax Dollars at Work?

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WasteBook 2011 Your Tax Dollars at Work?

Postby Sheryl Loch » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:07 pm

We all know that the Government is trying to tighten its belts and save money, or at least that was in a speech I heard on TV by a talking head, just like the American people have to. So, I am always ready to help do my civic duty and help the Politicians find out where and what needs done to better this great country.

Today I found a wonderful PDF that was written by Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma. He has written about 100 ways the government is wasting tax money. Now mind you, I could not just read through and not comment on a few of the items listed in his 2011 WasteBook. In fact, if I did the whole webcam YouTube rants…I would have been in my glory…except I would have had to cut my ranting into 10 min segments. I could have gave my opinion one each and every one of these spending items.

Anyhow, I cut my list down to just a few of the 100…you of course can post your favs.

$492 Thousand to study the Trust Factor of Twitter? Hmmm, I trust my Tweeps more than I trust any Politian.

$35.38 Million for Presidential Campaign (Balloons, confetti...). It didn't mention booze, hookers, or teleprompters so I wonder if those are extra?

Cool, $120 Million for paychecks to DEAD employees…so you don't need to take it with you when you go because we will send more.

$1.80 Million in Aid to China using money we Borrowed from China. Let me think…China has the money, they send it to us, we send it back and pay interest…makes sense to me.

$4.38 BILLION on Wartime Contracting and Fraud means that someone's buddy is rolling in our tax dollars. Picture the scene in 'American Beauty' only instead of rose petals it's dollar bills. Oh BILLIONS of dollar bills at that!

No one in Las Vegas even understood why we got $697 Million to beautify highways when we need money so many other places. Oh but you should see the big rocks and rusty metal cutouts of wild horses we now have…they are wonderful. And yes we needed those cutouts because the BLM is spending MILLIONS to round up and "store" all the wild horses until they pass the Horse Slaughter laws (that we will also pay for).

Oh and even the small town of Henderson, Nevada gets its own "Spending of Shame" mention for $60,000 for a Tree Census. Damn Harry Reid is helping our state. FYI- I have 3 trees, 4 bushes, and about 6 cacti not counting the fall off starters. Hope that helps save money on the next census.

There is an app for that…$182 Million for a Smart Phone App for Tennessee Farmers? Damn I have to learn how to make apps! I wonder if some Farmville twit made this app and is now spending our money to buy fake shit on a FB game?

$55.3 Thousand to study Jordanian Student Hookah Smoking? Do we really give a shit about this? We have had neighbors that smoked all kinds of stuff and no one cared, so why do we care bout Jordan?

I can't even mention the snow cones, pancakes and pizza BS. However I would not bitch if they opened a Mango Gelato stand on my street and let me have all I could eat for free.

$15.3 Million for the Famous Bridge to Nowhere… Just think, if we would have elected Sarah Palin we could have let her jump off that bridge, or did she already do that…dum,dum,dum. (Yeah, I can't afford dramatic music so just go with it.)

I am sure the money we spent to study the Well-Being of 120 Countries was totally worth it. Let me save them money by saying the Well-Being of the USA Fucking SUCKS! (Wonder how much I can get paid for that research?)

We are paying twice for 'Research About Research'??? Really? Are we sure? Maybe someone should research that? Cha Ching!

We are paying $500 Thousand to analyze the spread of Political Info on the Web...I'm spreading info so send me my damned check already!

Oh and we need to have a study to tell India how to improve THEIR Local Government? Just send me the address of who is in charge in India and I will tell them how to improve anything Government...DON'T DO WHAT THE USA DOES! There I just saved even more tax payer money!

Anything we paid so that people could attend a conference is stupid! Hello Washington...ever hear of SKYPE? Or maybe do a freakin Google Hangout? They are both FREEEEE!

LOL! A study of online dating...If she is wearing a blue 'spotted' dress, then she has been done. Oh and does sending a picture of your wiener on Twitter constitute online dating? Or is that being studied along with why monkey's throw their own shit?

$198 Thousand to find out if Tweeting and Friending Makes You Happy? My next money saving survey says YES! I will happily tweet this post to every one of my friends. Watch me now dance for joy...or is that the potty dance. God I hope not because I am too poor to have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out...

OMG! We funded Cowboy Poetry? I saw 'Brokeback Mountain' and want NOTHING to do with this. "I wish I could quit you..." ok, you write the next line.

Ok, I have to stop before I go to far. God knows I don't want to say to much or Senator Coburn could think I am stealing his stuff and have this entire site taken down. Yes, the Government that can't even figure its own shit out, now wants to control the internet that they can't even understand enough to look stupid. Look up SOPA if you don't get all that.

So, what will you be giving up so that you can save money this next year?

Maybe just let the bank foreclose on your house? Hey, then you could be homeless and eat at the food shelter that would save money also. People who live in cardboard boxes don't have an electric bill either...damn, more money saved.

Yes people, you need to save money so you can send it to the government to fund more protects like those listed in the book.
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Sheryl Loch
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WasteBook 2011 Your Tax Dollars at Work?



Re: WasteBook 2011 Your Tax Dollars at Work?

Postby Brian Hawkins » Fri Dec 30, 2011 11:40 am

This is amazing and disgusting. Someone emailed this to me a few days ago and I forgot about it. I'll link to this thread from ImSickOf FB page.
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Re: WasteBook 2011 Your Tax Dollars at Work?

Postby Sheryl Loch » Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:53 pm

Brian, we should think up a good project so we can get in on some of this money.

Maybe a study as to why a dog has to sleep with its butt in your face? I know I have 12 years experience with this one already.

Anther one...Why when you shave your legs, you always miss 1 spot no matter how many times you try!

Why aren't panty hose just called see through pants? That should be worth a few million to research.

Why is it that you buy potato chips and the bag is only 1/2 full...that should be seen as misleading advertising. Although I don't know much about the laws pertaining to advertising but, I could learn for a few million dollars and it would also be like a public service.

There ya go, we have a starter list. I am sure there are trillions of studies we could do that the Gov would pay us for.
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Sheryl Loch
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